Why Should You Get An MBA?

It has nothing to do with luck. Hard work is the key. It’s what you know, not who you know.

Career success is about you and your abilities, but what abilities should you cultivate to make the most of your future? Well, if you are thinking of getting an MBA in business, like the fine one you can get at mba.csumb.edu there are several things that you should focus on.

The first should be to broaden what skills you have. Wherever you are now, are there any portions of that job that are relatable to where you want to be in the future? Find out what they are, and then find out how they relate to the place you want to be in in five or ten years, and push your skills as far as they can go.

Another thing you should do is figure out where it is you want to work. Be specific, pick a company that you think shares your vision, your ideas, and your goals. Ask the people in your life where they work and what their experience is like to get a better picture in your head about the atmosphere and attitudes that the world you are planning on entering has to offer.

Next up, after you know the landscape of the world you are planning to enter, go get the additional skills you need to get where you want to be. Take the classes, and do the work that gets you where you need to be. The MBA in business is going to train you in all the things you will need to know to get to that next level. But be warned, there is work to be done. You’ll have your hands full learning the ins and outs of:

  • Accounting: Not just recording transactions, but classification, verification, and interpretation of financial data.
  • Business analytics: Exploring data sets that inform business decisions that optimize business processes.
  • Economics: The underlying theories and models of how market processes work, and understanding how wealth is created and distributed through those market processes.
  • Finance: The acquisition, management, allocation and investment of resources in those markets.

You will also learn the technical and leadership skills that will get you ahead, and the strategy and marketing skills to push both you and your future employer to greater success.

It won’t be easy, but hardly anything in the world that is worth anything is.