Sharing an Apartment with a Friend

I share one of the apartments in Orlando FL with a friend of mine that I met many years ago. We originally worked on the same job together, but the company we worked for started downsizing, leaving us both jobless. We lived in separate apartments, but couldn’t afford to pay for our rent without jobs, so we came up with the idea of moving in together in a new apartment. Eventually we found new jobs again, and we’ve been able to pay our rent without any problems. The best thing about living with my friend is that we share the same interests.

My friend and I both love to play tennis, so whenever we have some free time, we get our tennis gear and head down to the tennis court at the apartment. We’re not at the level as the professionals who play in the big tennis tournaments, but we can still hold our own, and even beat some of the other people at the apartments. There is a couple in their 40s that loves to play with us, and we regularly beat them. Continue reading “Sharing an Apartment with a Friend”